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211 Red Burgundy 1966 Leymarie Ceci Clos de Vougeot 37.5cl 1b HK-1 HKD6,800
212 Spirit Scotland 1966 Loch Lomond Highland Scotch Whisky with OWC, 40% 1x75cl 1cs HK-1 HKD6,800
213 Red Burgundy 1966 Louis Latour Savigny Les Beaune 75cl 8b HK-1 HKD1,500
214 Spirit Scotland 1966 Macallan - 18 Year Old Bottled in 1985 Distillery 70cl 1b HK-1 HKD60,000
215 Red Italy 1966 Marchesi Di Barolo 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD2,800
216 Red Bordeaux 1966 Margaux 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD8,000
217 Red Bordeaux 1966 Mouton Rothschild 150cl 1b HK-1 HKD0
218 Red Burgundy 1967 A.R. Barriere Freres Bourgogne 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD500
219 Red Italy 1967 Adriano Edmondo Barolo 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD2,800
220 Red Burgundy 1967 Albert Guichard Vougeot Clos de a Perriere 75cl 5b HK-1 HKD4,800
221 Red Italy 1967 Barbera Di Neive Francone 380cl 1b HK-1 HKD4,000
222 White Burgundy 1967 Baron de Ladoucette Freres Pouilly-Fume 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD1,000
223 Red Burgundy 1967 Bouchard Pere & Fils Richebourg Grand Cru [Low Lev 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD11,800
224 Red Burgundy 1967 DRC La Tache 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD18,700
225 Red Burgundy 1967 DRC Richebourg 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD13,800
226 Red Burgundy 1967 DRC Richebourg [Label] 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD11,500
227 Red Burgundy 1967 DRC Romanee Conti 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD93,000
228 Red Bordeaux 1967 Fieuzal 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD830
229 Red Italy 1967 Fontanafredda Barolo 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD2,800
230 Red Italy 1967 Fontanafredda Barolo 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD2,800
231 Red Italy 1967 Francone Barbaresco Riserva 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD2,800
232 Red Italy 1967 Francone Bardo Riserva 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD2,800
233 Red Italy 1967 Francone Barolo Riserva 300cl 2b HK-1 HKD4,000
234 Red Italy 1967 Fratelli Brezza La Morra Barolo 75cl 24b HK-1 HKD2,800
235 Spirit Scotland 1967 Glen Keith 38 Years Old Bottled 2005 Gordon & MacP 1x70cl 1cs HK-1 HKD8,800
236 Red Italy 1967 Honneur et Fidelite Barolo 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD2,800
237 Red Burgundy 1967 Jaboulet Vercherre Bourgogne 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD650
238 Spirit Scotland 1967 Knockando Pure Single Malt Scotch Whisky Bottled 1 70cl 1b HK-1 HKD5,900
239 Red Bordeaux 1967 La Fleur Petrus 75cl 12b HK-1 HKD2,800
240 Red Burgundy 1967 Leon Violland Vosne-Romanee [Level] 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD2,000
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