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ID Color Region Vintage Wine Format Stock Location BtPrice
27 Red Bordeaux 1950 Latour 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD9,800
65 White Burgundy 1955 Louis Latour Corton Charlemagne 75cl 7b HK-1 HKD6,800
94 Red Burgundy 1959 Louis Latour Corton Grancey 75cl 3b HK-1 HKD2,900
104 Red Bordeaux 1960 Latour 12x75cl 1cs HK-1 HKD9,500
105 Red Bordeaux 1960 Latour [Label, Leaky] 75cl 5b HK-1 HKD8,880
173 Red Bordeaux 1964 Latour 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD6,100
213 Red Burgundy 1966 Louis Latour Savigny Les Beaune 75cl 8b HK-1 HKD1,500
261 Red Bordeaux 1968 Latour 150cl 1b HK-1 HKD11,000
345 Red Bordeaux 1971 Latour 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD5,120
480 Red Bordeaux 1977 Latour 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD3,800
572 White Burgundy 1981 Louis Latour Montrachet 37.5cl 3b HK-1 HKD2,000
602 Red Bordeaux 1982 Latour 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD13,050
603 Red Bordeaux 1982 Latour a Pomerol 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD4,500
626 Red Bordeaux 1983 Latour 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD0
646 Red Bordeaux 1984 Latour 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD0
690 Red Bordeaux 1986 Latour 75cl 11b HK-1 HKD4,480
701 Red Bordeaux 1987 Latour 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD0
731 Red Bordeaux 1988 Latour 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD0
764 Red Bordeaux 1989 Latour 12x75cl 2cs+5b HK-1 HKD5,170
800 Red Bordeaux 1990 Latour 150cl 1b HK-1 HKD19,300
835 Red Bordeaux 1991 Latour 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD0
837 Red Bordeaux 1991 Les Forts de Latour 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD1,530
864 Red Bordeaux 1992 Les Forts de Latour 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD1,900
893 Red Bordeaux 1993 Latour 75cl 1b HK-1 HKD0
923 Red Bordeaux 1994 Latour 6x150cl 3cs HK-1 HKD8,800
948 Red Bordeaux 1995 Duclot Collection [12bts: 2 Each of Lafite, Latour Set 1cs HK-1 HKD96,000
1029 Red Bordeaux 1997 Latour 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD0
1030 White Burgundy 1997 Latour Giraud Meursault Le Limozin 75cl 4b HK-1 HKD445
1106 Red Bordeaux 1999 Latour 6x150cl 1cs HK-1 HKD9,980
1107 Red Bordeaux 1999 Latour 75cl 2b HK-1 HKD0
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